Feb 052013

Excerpt from the chapter, The Practice of Caregiving:

During a prescreening interview for Kay, a potential guest, Ann inquired about what things she liked to eat and drink. At this point, Kay was not eating any solid food; all she could swallow now was pureed fruit or vegetables. She mainly drank water. But Ann learned from close family member Allan, that in the past, Kay used to enjoy a glass of white Zinfandel or a Bloody Mary. A few days later, Kay came to stay at Enso House. It was a beautiful spring day, and birds were flitting about in the pasture grass. She settled into her new room overlooking the pasture. There was a bird feeder hanging just outside the window, swinging from side to side as birds jostled for the best feeding perch.

Leaving Kay’s room, Ann turned to Allan and asked, “How do you make a Bloody Mary?” She had already picked up a can of tomato juice and a bottle of vodka. Together they scrounged lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, and Tabasco in the kitchen. Ann had a sip and exclaimed, “Wow! This is really good. I like this!” So as Kay gazed out the window from her new bed, Ann said to her,

“We’re going to have lunch soon. Would you care for a Bloody Mary before lunch?”

Suddenly, Kay’s face relaxed completely. She smiled and nodded yes. Ann placed a small bottle of white Zinfandel on the bedside table for later.

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