Nov 262012

Thank you for visiting my blog. This is where I will be discussing my book, In Awe of Being Human. I look forward to hearing from you.

  3 Responses to “Welcome to My Blog”

  1. I have started reading your book…leafed through the pages…read “My surgeon Father and housewife Mother” first, just to connect back to our old Greenfield days. Beauty and Brutality strikes me as a metaphor for Spirituality and Mortality. Initially, I feel you are writng from the standpoint of Life, and I am reading this from the view of the Spiritual rhelm, the dimension of milk and honey. Your experiences are Acts and Scenes from a Shakespearean play…’All the world’s a stage and we are only actors in a play”.
    Your writing style seems to reflect how you speak. It almost feels like you are sitting next to me while I’m reading. A good feeling, if I may say.

  2. Thought I’d check here about your book title, so my question has been answered, classmate.

    MSGT Jim

  3. May I be the first to congratulate you on your work and on your book?! Let me and others know how we can best help to spread the word! :o)

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